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Kubota RTV 900




Marston Flatbeds and Livestock Grassland Toppers and Cultivators Be-All Kubota Nugent

New Spearhead Multicut 460 Rotary Cutter

4.6 metre, 8 wheels in lieu, 1000 pto 6 spline

Full Spec Here

New Spearhead Destroyer Scrub Cutter

1.9 metre, 1000 pto

Full Spec Here

Alpego Power Harrow

Rabe Corvus PKE 3011

c/w GZW Packer roller quick tines (multi fix), Clod board, Rear PTO, Torque limiter, Drill ‘A’ Frame, 4 stone protection springs

Grassland Toppers, Cultivators and Rotavators

Standen Rotavator

150/100 bladed rotavator

Standen Rotavator

Delta/100 bladed rotavtor